• BiBiKit

    You have video that you want to share: with family, friends, teachers, students, clients, customers, the world.

    You can upload your video to YouTube.

    You can add captions, to make your video accessible for people who cannot, or who do not want to use audio.

    You can add interactive captions, to make your video easier to navigate, and to make it accessible to search engines. 

    Or you can use                                     



  • BiBiKit Online

    BiBiKit Online is web-based editing service that you can use to make interactive multimedia presentations: text, pictures and video.

    You upload video-files and pictures, you add text, video-links and your creativity, and out comes an interactive presentation.

    No programming skills required. Just drag, drop, and click. The output: An interactive presentation, that can be viewed online and offline, consisting of one or more slides.

    On each slide: one or more videos, texts, and/or pictures.


  • More about BiBiKit Online

    BiBiKit presentations are fully interactive:

    Click on a text or a picture, and tdhe 'linked' section of the video starts to play.
    ONLY the linked section: the video starts at the starting point that you selected, and stops at the ending point.
    You can have one, or many video-links on a slide; each word, sentence or picture can be linked to its own section of your video.
    BiBiKit Online was made for sign language videos: the links are frame-perfect. The vide starts and stops exactly at the frames that you selected.
    Which is great for non-sign language videos, too!


  • BiBiKit for PowerPoint

    BiBiKit for PowerPoint is an Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.
    With BiBiKit for PowerPoint, you have everything that PowerPoint offers, PLUS BiBiKit Tools, to: 
    • Add video to PP slides: one or more videos on each slide. the BiBiKit Add-in supports more video formats than PowerPoint does.
    • Add interactive video-links: link pictures or text on a slide, to sections in your video.

    Note: because of PowerPoint limitations, video-links made with BiBiKit for PowerPoint are not 'frame-perfect': video will start and stop within 0-5 frames of the bookmarks that you selected.

  • More about BiBiKit for PowerPoint

    You can also use BiBiKit for PowerPoint to:

    • Add video to a slide, with your webcam.
    • Link a video on your slide to a second video on your slide: when the first video reaches the linked bookmark, the second video starts to play.
    • Use your webcam to add comments to a video on a slide: when the video reaches the linked bookmark, the webcam video starts to play. 


  • BiBiKit Catalogue

    In the BiBiKit Catalogue you can see international projects that were made during the beta tests. You can view the presentations made with BiBiKit Online, online (of course!): just click on the link to see the presentation. The presentations work best with Google's Chrome browser.

    The PowerPoint projects cannot be viewed online (yet). You have to download them, first. You do not need the BiBiKit Add-in, to view the projects. 



  • More information

    Use the menu-bar at the top of the page, to learn more about the BiBiKit project, the people and organisations behind BiBiKit, and about participating in the beta-tests of BiBiKit Online, and BiBiKit for PowerPoint.

    Go to www.bibikit.net to see an international catalogue of projects made with BiBiKit.