• 2011

    • Article in Dutch Magazine: Woord en Gebaar

    (article, in Dutch)

    Liesbeth Pyfers
    1September 16-18
    • European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop CEFR - Sign Languages, in Zurich: short presentation, flyers handed out, appr. 40 attendees
    Lynne Barnes, Clark Denmark
    September 2011
    • Møller-Trøndelag kompetansesenter had a stand at the annual National Cultural event for the Deaf in Oslo in September 2011 (“Døves kulturdager”, Norwegian)


    Olle Eriksen
    September 26
    • BiBiKit Flyers handed out at European Day of Languages Conference in Brussels

    (flyer, 2012))

    Liesbeth Pyfers
    October 21-22
    • BiBiKit Flyers handed out at FEAPDA  conference: European Association of Teachers of the Deaf, in St. Michielsgestel NL

    Liesbeth Pyfers
    December 2
    • UCLan initial workshop – before BiBiKit was on-line; 7 attendees

    December 3  
    • Symposium Mason Perkins Deafness Fund, Siena

    Italian flyer





    Luigi Lerose



    December 8  
    • Open doors at Shh: presentation

    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir

  • 2012

    January 24
    • Workshop for two associated partners
    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir, Nedelina Ivanova
    February 13-17
    • Seminar “Go e-Learning”  Athens: presentation

    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir

    February 27 - March 3  
    • 27th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities conference, Feb 27.March 3rd 2012 CSUN Northridge.

    abstract submitted and accepted,  

    Miriam Grottanelli de Santi
    March 2 Manuel Gnerlich, Jens Hessmann

    March 2-3

    • Nordic seminar on Sign Languages and Language Policy and Planning, Copenhagen; Flyers handed out
    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir
    March  5-7
    • INTED2012 (6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference) Valencia (Spain) , Abstract  accepted
    Miriam Grotttanelli de Santi
    April 16 - 18
    • 4th International Conference on Computer Supported Education

    CSEDU website: http://www.csedu.org/

    Abstract submitted

    Miriam Grottanelli de Santi
    May 21-27

    Olle Eriksen, Nedelina Ivanova
    • Conference for sign language interpreters, Faroe Islands; Flyers handed out
    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir

    July 11-13

    • ICCHP, Linz: Presentation, Poster, Flyers handed out




    Manuel Gnerlich, Liesbeth Pyfers

    August 6 Manuel Gnerlich


  • 2013

    January 14-18
    • "Effective Dissemination (Promotion and Raising Awareness) and Exploitation of European Educational Projects", presentation for the parcitipants in the course, Athens (EL)
    Nedelina Ivanova
    February 13
    • UCLan internal workshop; 7 attendees
    Clark Denmark
    March 14
    • Meeting with representatives of a Deaf-Blind User group in Amsterdam (NL)
    Liesbeth Pyfers
    March 23
    • Workshop for Sign Language Teachers (in training) at UCLan, 6 attendees, Preston (UK)
    Clark Denmark
    April 7 Manuel Gnerlich
    April 16
    • Demonstration of BiBiKit Online via Skype, to a teacher of the deaf in Bulgaria
    Nedelina Ivanova
    April 29
    • Presentation for HiST, Trondheim (NO)
    Aud Karin Stangvik
    • Email sent to the mailing list of the Deaf in Iceland  (about 200 people on the list) (IS)
    • Email sent to the parental mailing list (40 persons); 
    • Email sent to the teachers of the deaf children, to 11 teachers at the school for the deaf children and to 10 teachers at the kindergarden for the deaf children
    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir
    • Emails sent to organizations and companies involved in the production / publication of sign language materials in the Netherlands (12)
    • Updates & invitations posted on www.pragmaprojecten.nl and www.gebarenportaal.nl 
    Liesbeth Pyfers
    May 1
    • Workshop at UCLan; Invited participants from North West. Colleagues, Technical Services (UCLan); ISLanDS; Language Tutors who work with deaf students attended; 10 attendees,Preston (UK)
    Clark Denmark
    May 7
    • Workshop Sign Language teachers of Statped Sør-øst, Oslo (NO)
    Aud Karin Stangvik
    May 8
    • Demonstration of BiBiKit for teachers and students of the Skullerud voksenopplæring, Oslo (NO)
    Aud Karin Stangvik
    May 10
    • Workshop at DCAL, London (UK); 4 attendees
    Clark Denmark
    May 12 Liesbeth Pyfers
    May 13 Manuel Gnerlich
    May 13-15
    • The 25th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics (25-SCL), University of Iceland, Reykjavík (IS), flyers handed out (50)
    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir
    May 15
    • Demonstration of BiBiKit Online, for Sign Language teachers at Statped Midt, Trondheim (NO)
    Aud Karin Stangvik
    May 16
    • Workshop for the Mason Perkins Deafness Fund, Siena (IT)
    Luigi Lerose
    May 16-17
    • The XXVIII. spring conference of The State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre, Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, (IS), flyers handed out (50)
    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir
    May 16-17


    Liesbeth Pyfers
    May 17
    • Workshop for Cooperativa Elfo, Siena (IT)
    Stefania Lerose, Luigi Lerose
    May 22
    • Workshop for employees of the deaf company "Gebärdenwerk", Hamburg (DE)
    Manuel Gnerlich
    May 23-24
    • Workshop for Ass. DeafMedia Onlus, Padova (IT)
    Luigi Lerose, Stefania Lerose
    May 29
    • Presentation at The computer center for people with disabilities, Reykjavik (IS)
    May 30
    • Workshop for teachers of the deaf, teachers and students of Sign Language Studies at Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, Magdeburg (DE)


    Liesbeth Pyfers, Jens Hessmann
    May 31
    • Workshop for students of Sign Language Studies at Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, Magdeburg (DE)


    Jens Hessmann, Liesbeth Pyfers
    May 31  
    • National workshop for the Association of the Deaf, Reykjavik (IS)

    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir, Nedelina Ivanova


    June 3
    • Demonstration of BiBiKit for Sign Language teachers of Statped Vest, Stavanger (NO)
    Aud Karin Stangvik
    June 4
    • Demonstration of BiBiKit for teachers and pupils of Auglend skole, Stavanger (NO)
    Aud Karin Stangvik
    June 5 Manuel Gnerlich
    June 6 Manuel Gnerlich
    June 11
    •  Presentation of BiBiKit Online for the school for the deaf, Reykjavik (IS)
    Hjördis Anna 
    JUne 13
    • Short presentation and flyers at ‘ Text Access for Deaf Students’ Conference; University of Leeds. 60 attendees.

    Lynne Barnes
    June 14
    • 800 leaflets distributed to draw attention to the event at the Berlin Deaf Association on 21st of June.
    • Announcement of the event, on the Berlin Deaf Association's website (http://www.deafberlin.de/bibikit/).
    • An email sent to the Deaf association´s mailing list, with information about BiBiKit and the event.


    Jens Hessmann, Manuel Gnerlich
    June 17
    • Short presentation; Flyers at the International “Realising the Link – Academics and Deaf Community Development” Conference;  approx. 60 attendees, Preston (UK)
    Lynne Barnes
    June 21
    • BiBiKit Event in Berlin: presentation of BiBiKit by the BiBiKit partners, at the Berlin Deaf Associaton


    All BiBiKit partners,


    • Luigi Lerose
    • Manuel Gnerlich
    • Clark Denmark
    • Jens Hessmann

    June 24


    Liesbeth Pyfers


    • Article in the newsletter of the national organization of sign language teachers in the Netherlands (pdf, in Dutch)
    August 15
    • BiBiKit Presentation at the Planning Days for teachers at Statped schools, Oslo (NO)
    Aud Karin Stangvik
    • Workshop for BSL teachers, Deaf Centre Manchester (UK)
    Clark Denmark
    • Workshop for teachers, students of the Institute for Signing, Language, and Deaf Studies, Utrecht (NL)  
    Liesbeth Pyfers
    November 1 Liesbeth Pyfers