Frequently Asked Questions

Chrome Portable?

If you do not want to install Google's Chrome browser on your computer, you can still view the BiBiKit presentations, and even use the BiBiKit Online Editor. The solution: Chrome portable.

It is a programme that you don't have to install, yet is a full-featured browser. Put it on a flash-drive, and you can take your Chrome with you.

It is a free download:;dropDownForm .


Copyright, Copyleft, Copyfree?

Of course, you should not use any materials (pictures, texts, videos) in your BiBiKit presentations, that are protected by copyright. If you do use protected materials, you are responsible, as you can read in our Terms of Service.

However, we hope that you will allow others to use, re-use, and/or adapt your BiBiKit projects: the pictures, texts, videos. The best way to do this, is by including the icons / texts of the Creative Commons license, at the end of your project. 

You can use the online tool on the Creative Commons site, to indicate what people can (and cannot) do with your materials. For more information, see:

If you want, you can copy the html.code that is output by the online tool into a text-frame on your slide. In the BiBiKit text editor, click on 'code' before you paste the html-code.



BiBiKit Online: account?

If you want to test BiBiKit Online, you need a user name and a password to log in to the online editor.

You can get an account by contacting your national BiBiKit partner, or by sending and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can find the BiBiKit Online Editor here:


How do I get the PowerPoint Add-in?

Click here for more information about the BiBiKit PowerPoint Add-in and the download link. 


If you have an earlier version of the BiBiKit Add-in on your computer, you have to un-install it before you can install version 1.1.

You will find the 'uninstall' programme in the BiBiKit directory on your harddrive:

C:\Programs\BiBiKit or

C:\Programs (x86)\BiBiKit.


BiBiKit: only for education?

No, you can use BiBiKit for personal or commercial purposes, too.

During the beta testing, preference will be given to users who have some link to education.


Also for iPad?

No, you can't view BiBiKit projects on an iPad yet, not even with the Chrome browser.

It is definitely on our wish-list, and we hope it will be possible soon ... so watch this space!


YouTube demo?

If the video doesn't work, try

EU funding

The BiBiKit project was partially funded by the European Commission. This funding has to be mentioned on our websites, but also in each and every presentation made with BiBiKit Online, or BiBiKit for PowerPoint.

We'd also appreciate it if you mention the BiBiKit websites, for people who want to know more about BiBiKit.

Below is the text you can use. Just copy and paste it in a text-frame, and upload the EU logo. Best is to put this info. on your last slide.

This presentation was made by (your name),

with BiBiKit Online,

(c) Statped NO, 2013

For more info:

The BiBiKit project was funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible

for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

BiBiKit: only for sign languages?

No, BiBiKit can be used for all kinds of videos, not just for sign language videos. You can use BiBiKit for all kinds of demos and tutorials, for cookbooks, training videos, etc. etc.

However, BiBiKit was developed with EU funding, and our primary target group are: sign language users.