The English without Frontiers curriculum consists of a Teacher's Guide, a CD-ROM and a DVD.

In Part I of the Teacher's Guide (40 pages, you can download the .pdf file here), you will find information about the theory, methods and materials of the curriculum, as well as a description of the BarrierFree Language Learning project and the pilot tests. 

Part II is the actual curriculum: descriptions of activities for 10 units and the worksheets for these units.

Each unit consists of 1-12 activities. Below and to the right are prints of some of the pages of Part II of the Teacher's Guide. 

The topics of the 10 units are:

01. My Friends
02. My Family
03. My House
04. My Hobbies
05. Happy Birthday!
06. How are you?
07. Going Shopping
08. Going to a Restaurant 
09. Going on Holiday
10. Goodbye and Good Luck!

The symbols that are used in the worksheets, flashcards and interactive computer activities are part of the Picture Communication Symbols system (PCS). PCS  are published by Mayer-Johnson LLC (©1981–2006 All Rights Reserved Worldwide). The publisher, Mayer-Johnson LLC has granted us permission to use the symbols in this publication. 
More information about PCS can be found on Mayer-Johnson’s website:


On the CD-ROM, you will find

On the DVD are the video clips of English speakers. For the pilot courses, we used video clips of volunteers associated with Leeds Metropolitan University. For the final materials, we co-operated with the inc.Theatre ensemble in London, a theatre group of artists with learning disabilities. Some of the speakers have learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities, others are trainers of the ensemble.