EwF Online

We are developing an online version of the English without Frontiers curriculum. You can use the curriculum for free.

At the moment (September 2015) you can find the Teacher's Guide and the description of the activities (pdf files) as well as the videos online. We will add the Talking Dictionary soon. The Multiple Choice activities will follow.

We've converted the old materials to a new format. No new activities were developed, no new videos produced.

You need a fast & stable internet connection, to use the online materials.

You can open the materials with any browser. If you want to use the videos and interactive activities on an iPad, you can install the (free) Articulate Player. 

Warning: the Articulate Player is compatible with some Android versions, but not all. 

If you prefer to use the CD-ROM and DVD, click on 'General Info' in the Menu on the left, then on 'How to order'.