News, March 2016


In the last year Mbdsa has answered enquiries from Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and USA on a variety of matters related to Sign Language. We were able to help one correspondent to learn RSL, deal with a legal case involving a Russian Deaf man and help another correspondent to visit Deaf institutions in Moscow, including a number of Deaf schools.

The Zaitseva Deaf Centre

On February 8 the Centre welcomed a new intake of some 35 students to train as Sign Language interpreters. As Anna Komarova was ill (happily she is on the road to recovery), her Deputy Tania Davidenko took charge.
Anna has been involved since mid 2015 in protracted negotiations with the Moscow local authorities regarding the rent payable on the Centre premises. Legal advice has been taken and the Centre has every hope of remaining in its current premises.

Memorial to Galina Lazarevna Zaitseva

In 2014 a Deaf sculptor decorated the headstone of Galina's grave with an image of the Centre's founder. This can been seen on these photos which include the headstone of Galina's mother, Sofia Yefimovna.

School 65

Since September 2014 the school no longer teaches RSL as a separate subject but many of the teachers do use RSL as a means of instruction anyway both in the primary and the secondary school. There is more RSL teaching at secondary level; at primary level RSL teaching is in the hands of Lena Fedina and classroom assistants.

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