Newsletter 2013

Winter 2013

News of the School

We were very saddened to learn of the death of Misha Brodsky, one of the first cohort of students  at the Bilingual School in 1992. He had had his troubles in recent years, but when Sue Gregory visited the school last year, there was real hope that things were improving. Misha liked to be known as ‘Mike’, so, to distinguish him from myself, I was given the RSL sign name BIG MIKE. Misha was one of the group from the Bilingual School which visited RSD Exeter. When the coach heading there stopped at a service station on the M4, Misha pronounced the cafeteria to be “rai” (paradise), a compliment not often paid to such establishments!

The Zaitseva Deaf Centre

Mbdsa is now focusing more of its funding on the G.L. Zaitseva Centre for Deaf Studies. Their website can be found at It is updated daily and, for those who know Russian, contains much of interest. Even if you do not know Russian, but spot something that looks interesting, we can translate it for you into English (we can manage several other European languages as well). It contains a link to this website.  

Future plans

From September 2013 the pre-school group is run by Ksenia and a colleague, two hearing graduates of courses at the Centre for Deaf Studies. They will need some financial support, which mbdsa hopes to provide.

Now that the status of RSL has been upgraded by Act of the Federal Duma (Parliament) the courses run by the Centre have become more popular than ever.

Summer camp

There are plans to organise a summer camp near Moscow for Deaf Jewish teenage boys. Anyone interested should contact Yehoshua Soudakoff ( (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Mbdsa has supplied RSL materials for the project, which has the support of the Chief Rabbi of Russia. 






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