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It is the record – in Russian – of a conference on Education and Sign Language.

An English translation of the Table of Contents is available free from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











  • Life or Hearing: the story of 'Katia'
    Katia'  (Irina Tsukerman) was the first child in Russia to be cured of tubercular meningitis: the price was her hearing. Price: 3 GBP /  5 USD

  • Arzamas-16
    A memoir written by Veniamin Tsukerman and Zinaida Azarkh, parents of 'Katia'. They were both scientists at the top secret nuclear research station known as Arzamas-16.
    Price: 10 GBP / 18 USD
  • the Gospel Story in Russian and RSL. An American film, dubbed into Russian and RSL. Excellent production values. Free, though any contribution towards the cost of postage would be welcome.
  • Za zhestovyi iazyk! (For Sign Language!) A new 550 page long collection of articles on Russian Sign language. The book is in Russian but we can send you a table of contents and translate any article(s) that interest you.

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